Summer Research Intern

University of Southern California (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT)

Year: May 2021 - August 2021

Lab: CCDC US Army Research Laboratory (ARL-WEST)

Project Name: Tracking Perceptual Depth with Eye Vergence and Inter-Pupillary Distance using eye-tracker data in Virtual Reality.


  • Generated research questions and hypotheses related to perceptual depth changes.

  • Developed a method to estimate the perceptual depth changes in VR using eye parameters (eye vergence and interpupillary distance (IPD)) from the eye-tracker data.

  • Analyzed eye tracker data and performed statistical analysis (e.g., ANOVA) using R.

  • Documented the results and findings as scientific publications.


  • Dr. Russell Cohen Hoffing, Research Scientist, DEVCOM US Army Research Laboratory (ARL-WEST).

  • Dr. Steven Thurman, Neuroscientist, DEVCOM US Army Research Laboratory (ARL-WEST).

  • Award: Winner of the Graduate Oral Competition of the 2021 CCDC US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Summer Student Symposium. Considering all the ARL divisions, I won first place over approximately 100 summer graduate interns of the DEVCOM US Army Research Laboratory.

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Mississippi State University, USA.

Year: August 2017- Present


  • Generating and verifying the next-generation imaging technique based on the human visual system improves the clarity of out-of-focus information in Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Conducting experiments and analyzing the effects of AR display context switching, focal distance switching, and vergence-accommodation mismatch on human performance in the AR system.

  • Developing and evaluating a new perceptual measurement method to perceive virtual objects' three-dimensional (3D) locations in optical see-through augmented reality.

  • Adequately calibrating the AR Haploscope's optical system to display the virtual object at the accurate spatial location.

  • Developing and conducting experiments with different depth perception measurement techniques such as trilateration walking, trilateration pointing, perceptual matching, blind reaching, etc.

Instructor of Record

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Mississippi State University, USA.

Year: August 2020- December 2020 (Fall 2020)

Course Name: Discrete Structures (CSE-2813)

Class Size: 47 Students

Official Evaluation: 4.5 out of 5


  • The entire course was synchronous online. Responsible for making every aspect of the class entirely online for the students.

  • Responsible for conducting class lectures online.

  • Responsible for every perspective of course management online: developing lecture materials, designed and graded assignments including homework, projects, quizzes, and exams.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Mississippi State University, USA.

Role: Lab Instructor

Year: January 2021 - Present

[Spring-2021]: Intermed Computer Programming


  • Responsible for delivering lab materials, helping students with the lab work, and performed grading

Role: Grader

Year: August 2016- December 2017

Course Names:

[Fall-2017 & Spring-2017]: Operating Systems II

[Fall-2017 & Spring-2017]: Data Communication and Networking

[Summer-2017]: Data Structure & Analysis of Algorithm

[Fall-2016]: Computer Graphics

[Fall-2016]: Database Management Systems


  • Responsible for grading quizzes, programming assignments, homework, and examinations as well as providing out-of-class assistance to students.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Year: December 2014- July 2016

Course Names:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (Theory + Lab)

  • Computer Architecture (Theory)

  • Computer Graphics (Lab)

  • Algorithms (Lab)

  • System Analysis and Design (Lab)


  • Responsible for preparing theory and lab materials, conducted lectures, created exams, performed grading for the undergraduate courses.

  • Involved in arranging different educational seminars, workshops, programming contests, and project competitions to encourage and motivate the students.