ARefin Lab

ARefin lab explores the algorithms, technologies, and perception needed to understand the spatial perception of real and simulated virtual information in real, augmented, and virtual environments. The lab research focuses on augmented and virtual reality, applied and visual perception, perceptual imaging, eye tracking, and human-centered computing. Most of the research has been interdisciplinary, integrating knowledge and methodology from computer science, engineering, human vision, empirical methods, and psychology. With scholarship, intellectual merit, collaboration, and teamwork, we aim to achieve the highest potential quality of research that could produce proper spatial perception knowledge of virtual objects in extended reality (XR) systems. 

Joining the Lab

ARefin lab is looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated graduate students in Computer Science starting in Spring 2024 and Fall 2024. If your research interest aligns with the lab research, please get in touch with Dr. Arefin via email ( with your CV and a short introduction. If you are already on campus and enrolled in Computer Science at CSU, schedule a meeting or visit my office to talk to me. If you are not yet on campus, you must apply to the CSU graduate (or undergraduate) program to work at ARefin Lab. Multiple funding opportunities are available.  

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Colorado State University, USA.

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